Erin is the blog’s creator and admin. She created the blog back in spring of 2011 and has been updating the blog ever since. Most of the audio posts are posted by her, and all of the text posts (like this one!) and ask answers are written by her. // Personal Blog // Favorites

ProbablyADragon has been helping out GamerMusic by posting a few times a week since last year. A lone geek among legions of them, and just as nondescript. Probablyadragon, Probsadurgn, or just Durgn works. I enjoy long walks on the crater-filled beach, holding weapons, money matches, puzzle solving, leaping between strangely placed platforms, music, reading and writing, and mashing buttons well into the waking hours of the morning. Not nearly as cool as Erin, but quite grateful to be part of the team.